Our Team of doctors includes:-

Dr Linda Semsarian MB BS (Hons) 

Dr Semsarian has been  involved in Addiction medicine since 2013. She has been working in Emergency Medicine since 1993, and is employed as a Career Medical Officer in the Emergency Department of St George Hospital, Kogarah. 

Dr John Caplehorn MB BS MPH PhD FAChAM

Dr Caplehorn has worked in addiction medicine since the early 1970’s.  He did his PhD in the school of Public Health, University of Sydney. His thesis focused on methadone maintenance. He has published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and was an invited speaker at two US and two European methadone conferences. He also works part-time as a Career Medical Officer in the Emergency Department at St George Hospital

Dr Peter Paisley BSc hons (Belfast) LRCP, LRCS, LRCP&S (Edinburgh) MHP (NSW) PhD (NSW)

Dr Peter Paisley has been practising as a General Practitioner for over 40 years. For the last 25 years he has been working in Addiction Medicine. For 17 of these years he worked for NSW Correctional Services and spent one year as Director of Clinical Services. Dr Paisley’s greatest claim to fame lies with his membership of the world renowned Washboards Wizards (can be booked at reasonable rates)

Dr A Prakash MBBS, D.P.M (LRCS, LRCP, London)

Dr Prakash has been in medical practise for over 40 years. He has extensive experience in General Psychiatry and General Practise and also works in both these areas for South Western Sydney Area Health Service. He has been working in Addiction Medicine since 1992, including working for 5 years at Wisteria House.


Our highly experienced team of doctors are supported by over forty community based General Practitioners who chose to have our service manage their clients.

Our Team is lead by our formidable Nursing Unit manager Evelyn, who has been with the service for over 30 years. We never cease to be amazed that after dispensing over one million times she is still able to laugh every day and remembers everyone’s children’s names. She is followed closely by our incredible administration manager Deb, who could find a dosing point in Bolivia with only ten minutes notice if really needed.

Head of the team and principle counsellor is Gary who shapes the philosophy of the service bringing over 30 years’ experience in both abstinence and pharmacotherapy counselling. It is his vision that creates the unique wholistic approach that the clinic strives for.