M.A.P is a unique innovative program developed for the clinic by the counsellors who have had over 30 years experience in drug and alcohol treatment. It has been developed for those clients who wish to achieve abstinence through support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.

M.A.P is an intensive program involving weekly counselling, in house groups and NA meetings. Participants are introduced to the 12 step model of drug free living which requires a high level of commitment. To support them with this choice, they are provided with free treatment during an agreed period of time. As well as access to 12 step groups, M.A.P clients are supported through their reduction regimes and learn to understand better the nature of addiction in their lives. Groups range in theme from group sharing, relapse prevention to education.

At any time in their program of reduction clients may slow down or adjust their levels to better cope with the changes in lifestyle that occur with such an intense program. Different assistance is provided so that should they require a selective detoxification admission or access to a rehabilitation program then this can be arranged. M.A.P has an ongoing successful relationship the WHO’S MTAR methadone rehabilitation program.
M.A.P is a unique program that to the best of our knowledge is the only one operating in Australia.