United Gardens Clinic has been operating for over 25 years providing a high quality service from our experienced team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and counsellors.

We offer a drug substitution program using methadone, buprenorphine and suboxone. These medications hold you for longer than heroin- this means that once you are stable your daily dose leaves you free to work, study or whatever it is you need to do. These treatments are legal and cheap- allowing you to break the destructive lifestyle of addiction.

At United Gardens Clinic we believe:

  • No-one is hopeless.
  • Everyone has a right to quality of life.
  • Addiction is a chronic relapsing condition that requires long term intensive support.
  • Effective treatment is not bound by one rigid philosophy but draws on a range of approaches.
  • We believe in an intelligent compassionate approach that treats each client as an individual. So each person needs a uniquely tailored treatment

United Gardens Clinic is a fully accredited service having recently been awarded the maximum 4 year accreditation from The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.